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Sydney Brazilian Social Club | Centennial Park Canarinhos

Members & non-members of our Social Football-gathering on Sundays at the Centennial Park, Sydney... In that wonderful-space, we play, we chat/gossip about the lot, we argue in the field (culture & customs), but in the end, everything ends up in one way: BBQ... Welcome all!!





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SBS "Feast; Brazilian Football Lunch"

Viva Brasil

Address: “Brazilian Fields”, Dickens Drive, Centennial Park, Field No. 7.

Sports Field (PDF) Map

Sports Field (Interactive) Map


The Centennial Park “Canarinhos” Football | 1972 to present day...

“...There are so many reasons for us to be proud of Brazil and certainly one of the reasons is our Football, let's face it, ‘Brazil, is a Football Temple.’

Well, today in Australia things couldn't be any different...

At the beginning of March this year, the Sydney Brazilian Social Club ― Centennial Parks "Canarinhos" decided to put a team in the strictly-British-traditional ICFA Championships (Inner City Football Association) who have been at Centennial Parklands since 1985...

Today, 6 months later, and after countless drenched pitches of which were quite appropriated for the typical English style of football, deliberately bias referees and numerous adversities... We are proud to say that we won the FIRST *official Brazilian Football title in Ozland.

(*Records were officially traced/recognized by the NSW & Football Federation Australia)

Even though it may be hard to imagine, no other Brazilian Football team has ever reached this peak and attained such an achievement (pure determination in spite of the adversities and obstacles) in Australia.


"ICFA 2008 'Minor' Premiership Champions"

"ICFA 2008 'Major' Grand Final Champions"

Well-done, "Canarinhos"!!... "Valeu, BRASIL"!!

Rgds, Gel.


Centennial Parklands ― History and Heritage ― Origins of Names

“...’Brazilian Fields' name recognizes a long-running tradition that continues to this day. For over 35 years (39 years nowadays) the Brazilian Soccer Club has played soccer, their greatest passion, in Centennial Parklands. During this time staff at the Parklands referred to the fields as the ‘Brazilian fields’ and eventually the colloquial term caught on.”

Article SBS Food Lover’s Guide to Australia “Brazilian Football Feast” | July 1, 2008

“...A group of Brazilians have been meeting to play football every Sunday for 28 years (39 years nowadays), followed by a post-match feast...

The players – the Centennial Park Canarinhos (Canaries) – are now legendary, so much so that the ground, in Sydney’s Centennial Park*, is now officially known as the ‘Brazilian Field’. (Dickens Drive, Field No. 7)”

Writes Michael Cockerill ― Australian Football Analyst, Commentator and Journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald & Fox Sports:

Article | November 17, 2006:

“...Agenor Muniz has played many times at football's spiritual home, the Maracanã...

Muniz moved to Australia in 1971 and ended up earning 20 caps for the Socceroos before his retirement in 1982. Retirement, in the sense of being a professional. He still plays every Sunday morning on a sandy pitch at Centennial Park known as ‘Brazil Field’ with a passing parade of his country-men - some of whom have come to Australia to live, others who are simply passing through...

Officially, Muniz is 57. Unofficially he may be a bit older. But what is not in doubt is that he is the patriarch of the local Brazilian football community, a community bristling with excitement.”

Article | August 4, 2007

“...The late Andrew Lederer - the man behind Sydney City's Brazilian fascination - brought out another group of Brazilians, among them the supremely talented Nélio Borges