Brazilian Fields Update...

posted 10 Sep 2010, 21:25 by Gelcimar Freire

SBSC Fellas,

As you guys are aware of it, the Centennial Parklands – that is to say, Moore Park, Queens Park and Centennial Park – will be WITHOUT goal-posts until Oct the 18th...

Therefore, we are strictly PROHIBITED to play in those Fields – in the marked-areas... Please, let's respect that!

We can always play next to the Brazilian Fields in an informal way, as a casual-kicking-around in a public park, and followed by our traditional BBQ...

But, let's keep in mind... In NO circumstance whatsoever we should break the rules and invade the Fields (said, the Brazilian Fields) inactive and in rest Season.

Two mounted/portable goal-posts will be organized. (Marcone Pereira)


Rgds, Gel.

** NOTA **

Exatamente nessa época, o Centennial Parklands (Centennial Park, Moore Park e o Queens Park) tira as traves nos campos de Futebol p dar "um descanso" p os gramados...

Este ano, sem-choro-nem-velas, vamos ter q montar traves e outros acessórios mais – hats p marcação do campo, etc. – AO LADO do nosso de costume e tradição Brazilian Fields."

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Abs. Gel.