II Annual Les Murray Cup 2011

posted 28 Nov 2011, 03:49 by Gelcimar Freire   [ updated 9 Dec 2011, 06:38 ]

II Annual Les Murray Cup 2011

A Copa América inspiration | Ethnic Cup alike | 7-a-Side Tournament

General Rules & Tournament System


Brazilian Fields No. 7, Dickens Drive,

Centennial Park – NSW – Sydney.

December 11th, set to commence at 9:30 am


** Les Murray presence at the Matches & Presentations


"On behalf of the Sydney Brazilian Social Club – Centennial Park Canarinhos, it is my pleasure to welcome all teams to the second edition of the Les Murray Cup. It is an honour to have my name attached to the Tournament, first because it is for such a good cause, but also because it is the initiative of the Brazilian community who have always been close to my heart. Let's have some 'Jogo Bonito' (Beautiful Game) and lots of fun." Les Murray.

SBS Radio:
"'Canarinhos em Sydney preparam segunda edição da 'Les Murray Cup'"
Dear Participants at the II Annual Les Murray Cup 2011,
Please find BELOW attached  (PDF) the Draw, Rules & Regulations regards the aforementioned Tournament.
Thanks kindly for your patience.
Best of luck ALL Teams, let’s enjoy the Tournament!!
Rgds, Gel.
Gelcimar Freire,
28 Nov 2011, 06:40