I Les Murray Cup 2010 - RESULTS...

posted 11 Dec 2010, 06:46 by Gelcimar Freire

A one-day all-free "Churrasco"(Brazilian BBQ) will be held celebrating the Canarinhos *triumph at the I Les Murray Cup 2010...

* Pls, keep in mind and take into consideration that this "triumph", that is to say, the Event achievement and success belongs to all of us involved with the Club and its Committee... Our mission is based on approach, and WE ALL should be proud of what you have done and achieved.
Special Thanks: Vladimir, Rod, Erick, Balu, Pablito, Marcelo (Tongue "n" Cheek), Dinamite (Chef), Ozório RS, Nelinho (Coach), Val, Marcone, Chicão, Daniel-Trator, Liminha, Edson, Paulo MT, Rui Ferrari, Fabão... And pls forgive me if I forgot to mention a line somewhere and failed to acknowledge other Fellas' input and effort throughout this Cup... Thank you ALL.
Rgds, Gel.
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